Terms and Conditions:

Please read below terms and conditions carefully.

1) Shipping charges would be extra.

2) Minimum quantity of any Model should be 50 pieces.

3)  Designing, Printing and Laser Engraving on customised items will be Charged Extra.

4) Taxes, as applicable at the time of Delivery, will be Charged Extra.

5) 50% advance with confirmed order and balance at the time of delivery.

6) Generally items will be supplied within 10-20 days.

7) Delivery period will be counted after the confirmation of the logo, and final approval of the sample.

( You are Required to notify us within 24 Hours in case of any defect)


9) Prices are subject in case of fluctuations in the prices of Raw Materials due to Government Policies.

10) No Responsibility for Breakage Or Missing Parcel.

11) Our Responsibility Ceases as soon as the Material Leaves Our Premises.